Whether you are choosing to donate a animal for either self sustaining projects (sadaqah) or an aqeeqah (Islamic naming ceremony), you'll find a suitable selection below

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Chicken Set - Pakistan

Chicken Set - Pakistan£47.00

Chicken Set

Package: 5 Chickens

Commerce Cart - Pakistan

Commerce Cart - Pakistan£285.00

Commerce Cart

Package: Cart and Starter Pack

Dairy Cow - Bangladesh

Dairy Cow - Bangladesh£310.00

Dairy Cow

Package: 1 Cow

Goat - Gambia

Goat - Gambia£125.00


Package: 1 Goat

Goat Pair - Pakistan

Goat Pair - Pakistan£200.00

Goat Pair

Package: 2 Goats


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items