What We Do

Our Vision

1. Create self-sustaining communities so they do not need to rely on outside help
2. Establish a strong educational and nutritious foundation for children, for a brighter future
3. Ensure donors see a real, visual impact when donating through Sharing Wonders

Where We Work

The majority of our work is in Gambia (the West Coast of Africa). We have and continue to support projects in

- Pakistan (the Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia hospital, building water wells, setting up of skill centres and food/aid distribution)
- Bangladesh (construction of two masjids and food/aid distribution)
- France (working with the Refugee Community Kitchen to provide clothing and food distributions in Calais)
- UK (distributing food for homeless shelters and supporting community construction projects)


We realise that each donation is a blessing and not guaranteed. Therefore, we encourage the communities and individuals we sponsor, to become self-sustaining. 
Examples include 
i) agricultural projects where we are already growing and selling produce, with profits being utilised on additional projects. 
ii) donkey and cart projects allowing the recipients to set up a business to generate funds for their families
iii) building bakeries, used to make and sell bread by communities
iv) water wells providing free fresh drinking water for livestock and crops; this eliminates individuals having to spend money to purchase water



One of the key changes to improving a country's future, is by shaping the younger generation through education and nutrition.

Sharing Wonders has built numerous schools and we operate a number ourselves. These allow children to study in a safe, comfortable environment with clean sanitation facilities.

Through our Education Sponsorship Programme, we support many children allowing them to attend schools. We also sponsor adults by helping them complete further education such as degree courses and international Islamic programmes.

Filling children's stomachs is as important as filling their minds, therefore we provide feeding programmes particularly during Ramadan, to support these children.  


Visible Results

Sharing Wonders works hard to provide spending transparency with visible results, by publishing pictures and updates of how your donations are utilised.

We encourage sponsors to visit and help establish their new projects or spend time helping us during our distributions, enabling sponsors to see our work first hand.


Efficient Spending

Your donation goes towards the actual cause. Please see our specific page regarding donation and spending by clicking here.