Sadaqah Eligible

Sadaqah - is charity you give willingly, in order to please God. It is not compulsory charity.

Sadaqah e jariya - the concept of 'continuous giving' in Islam. The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said “When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them,” (Muslim 1631).  Examples of continuous charity are building a masjid, a school, providing education.

Invest in your afterlife

Donate towards your sadaqah e jariya during your own lifetime

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Goat - Gambia

Goat - Gambia£125.00


Package: 1 Goat

Goat Pair - Pakistan

Goat Pair - Pakistan£200.00

Goat Pair

Package: 2 Goats

Dairy Cow - Bangladesh

Dairy Cow - Bangladesh£310.00

Dairy Cow

Package: 1 Cow

Chicken Set - Pakistan

Chicken Set - Pakistan£47.00

Chicken Set

Package: 5 Chickens

Ablution Facility

Ablution Facility£850.00

Ablution Facility

Capacity 12 People



Community Classroom

Capacity up to 80 Children

Masjid - Small

Masjid - Small£8,300.00

Masjid - Small

Capacity up to 120 people

Masjid - Large

Masjid - Large£13,500.00

Masjid - Large

Capacity up to 250 people

Toilet Block

Toilet Block£2,900.00

Toilet Block

4 Cubicles

Community Hand Pump Pakistan

Community Hand Pump Pakistan£270.00

Community Hand Pump - Pakistan

Package: Complete water package

Family Hand Pump Pakistan

Family Hand Pump Pakistan£165.00

Family Hand Pump - Pakistan

Package: Complete water package

Solar Community Well Gambia

Solar Community Well Gambia£2,100.00

Solar Community Water Well

Package: Complete water package

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Currency exchange and commodity rates fluctuate throughout the year. If any amount remains after fulfilling your donation, the balance will be utlised in our general donation funds to provide help where needed most. Thank you.