Goat - Gambia

Goat - Gambia
Goat - GambiaGoat - GambiaGoat - Gambia
Goat - GambiaGoat - Gambia
Donation:  £125.00
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Part of our Self Sustaining Projects

Aqeeqah submissions, please provide your baby's name in the 'Dedicated To' and select the Aqeeqah checkbox. We will share photos with you of the handing over ceremony.

Your generous donation allows the purchase of a healthy female goat. The objective behind this choice is to enable the female goat's reproductive capability, subsequently affording the family additional livestock for potential sale.

Within these communities, male goats are readily accessible to assist in the natural breeding process.

Each recipient family undergoes a thorough vetting process to ascertain their eligibility to receive this invaluable support.

Package: 1 Goat

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