Water Well Gambia

Water Well Gambia
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Water Wells

One water well can change the lives of an entire community; providing clean, fresh clean drinking water within the community.

We use the best available construction methods to ensure the concrete lined wells are built to the highest quality and will last a long time.

The wells are tiled to aid  easy cleaning and maintain aesthetics as no repainting is required, with the addition of steel reinforced concrete pillars and cross beam to provide an extra strong pulley mount.

Package: Solar water package and signboard


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How are the wells constructed?

A. As the wells are dug, thick concrete rings are inserted at each digging stage. This provides safety for the well digger to avoid the collapse, provides longevity of the well and aids clean water.


Q. How is water extracted?

A. Most of our wells are kept to the simple standard of buckets and rope for water extraction. This requires minimal maintenance cost (around £15 each year to replace the buckets and rope). We have wells that been used for over 17 years with negligible maintenance costs.


Q. What is the difference between this hand drawn well and a solar pump?

A. Hand drawn wells, require human effort to physically pull buckets of water out of the well. If the well is deep, then naturally more physical effort is required. Solar wells remove the physical effort as the drawing of the water is done by a solar pump, into a water tank. This means water is available through a water tap.

Solar pumps are initially more expensive due to borehole and installed equipment. The solar pump will need paid for maintenance depending on usage, Hand drawn wells require minimal maintenance and therefore are much cheaper to maintain over the course of their lifetime.

Hand drawn wells installation is limited to where the water table is not too deep, whereas a solar pump does not have this restriction.


Q. How deep are the wells.

A. Normally, between 15 to 25 meters deep, depending on the water table in that area. We have dug wells to 42 meters; however, the manual extraction of water becomes difficult as it is a long way to pull up a bucket full of water. Solar pump wells can be much deeper.


Q. Are there any maintenance costs?

A. For manual extraction wells, the base may require further digging if the water table has dropped significantly in that area. Over the 320 wells made so far as of November 2020, we have had to do this to about 11 wells.

Solar pumps can go wrong as they are electrical equipment that are constantly used. Maintenance is normally required every 1 to 2 years for cleaning and replacing parts.

We do not request maintenance costs up front. General donations are used towards water well maintenance.


Q. Where are wells built?

A. On land donated to the community, private land with the well accessible to the public, or on land owned by schools and masjids.


Q. How long does a well take to build?

A. Normally between 2 to 5 months from donating. Factors that may affect this time are the number of wells in the construction queue ahead of yours, Ramadan (physical work slows down) and if hard rock is encountered during digging. We will keep you updated if any delays are encountered.


Q. Can I visit my donated well?

A. Absolutely. Please contact us and we can help arrange a visit to the location.

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