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School Support

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School Support

Educating children is one of the key foundation stones to helping move countries out of poverty. Good education means providing schools with qualified teachers, comfortable classrooms, sanitary toilet facilities and clean drinking water.

Your ongoing donation helps us provide salaries for good teachers, keep schools maintained and provide the necessary learning resources for enrolled children.

Your support will allow many children to glean a good educational foundation, that will help them through their adulthood.


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Summarising from World Bank's 2020 report 'Learning for All' 

The development benefits of education extend well beyond work productivity and growth to include better health, reduced fertility, an enhanced ability to adopt new technologies and/or cope with economic shocks, more civic participation, and even more environmentally friendly behavior.

A few such benefits include:

• Healthier children. More educated parents have healthier children . Education increases knowledge of the benefits of vaccination and strategies for avoiding the transmission of infectious diseases. It is estimated that of the 8.2 million fewer deaths of children younger than 5 years between 1970 and 2009, one-half can be attributed to more education among women of reproductive age

• Better coping with economic shocks. Households with more education cope better with economic shocks than less educated households, since they tend to have more resources and knowledge about how to cope with income fluctuations. 

• Adapting to environmental change. Comparing countries with similar income and weather conditions, those countries with better-educated female populations are more capable of coping with extreme weather events than countries with low levels of female education


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