Ramadan - the perfect time of year to nourish your soul and strengthen your faith, through fasting. 

Zakat - wondering how to donate your zakat before the end of Ramadan? Food Packs are an amazing way to donate. We also have a page full of ideas - donate towards other zakat friendly options by clicking here.



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Ramadan - Food Pack - Gambia

Ramadan - Food Pack - Gambia£35.00

Ramadan Food Pack - Gambia

Package: Rice, Beans, other items

Ramadan - Food Pack - Pakistan

Ramadan - Food Pack - Pakistan£32.00

Food Package - Pakistan

Package: Includes a variety of Ramadan items

Ramadan - Bread

Ramadan - Bread£37.00

Ramadan Iftar Bread

Package: 200 Pieces of Fresh Long Bread, One Day Distribution

Ramadan - Fidya

Ramadan - Fidya£5.00

Ramadan Fidya

Package: 2 Meals per day

Ramadan - Kaffarah

Ramadan - Kaffarah£150.00

Ramadan Kaffarah

Package: Cooked meals to feed 60 people

Ramadan - Fitrana

Ramadan - Fitrana£4.00

Zakat al-Fitr (Firtrana)

Package: 3kg Rice

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items