Our History

Our Inception

The foundation of the charity started in 2002.

Sharing Wonders' founding members were a small group of women based in the UK who started collecting donations from friends in order to fund charity projects mainly in the UK, Pakistan and a few smaller projects in The Gambia.

The dedication and spending transparency of the members, encouraged new donors to support the charity as they could directly see how their funds were being spent.


UK Registration

As both the group and donations grew, a decision was made to officially set up a charity to specifically focus on the group’s aims.

In November 2016, the charity was officially registered with the UK Charity Commission with the name 'Sharing Wonders'.


Our UK Charity Registration Number is 1170087.

You can check the validity and status of any registered UK charity, including Sharing Wonders, by visiting their website (the link opens a new window).



Why 'Sharing Wonders'

Sharing Wonders is based on the concept that God has provided us all with various levels of wealth and abilities (‘favours’). Our aim is to encourage individuals to share these wonders with others that are less fortunate.