In memory of Younis Mohammad

In memory of Younis Mohammad
 In memory of Younis MohammadIn memory of Younis Mohammad 

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"Verily we belong to Allah (God), and verily to Him do we return." - Quran 2:156

Younis Mohammad - 1958 to 2021

Younis' family have set up a 'sadaqah e jariya' fund and are asking family and friends to donate towards this collection. The funds will be used to contract a water well and masjid to be built in The Gambia by Sharing Wonders. May Allah grant Younis' soul the best place in heaven.

His family have contributed the following:

Why have we decided to fund raise?

Our father was a man who lived his life with selfless devotion to his family. He was driven to provide a better life for us right to the very end, without an utterance of complaint. He will be remembered for his gentle nature and the way he always looked to bring a smile to those he met. A kind, patient man known for his bubbly character and generosity to those that were without. 

At the end of Dec 20 he developed COVID-19 symptoms, which was later confirmed after his admission to hospital. Within 5 days his breathing difficulties worsened and he was admitted into intensive care, where he spent 21 days battling the deadly virus before Allah SWT decided it was his time to return. His final moments with his family mirrored his way of life, selfless, shirking off being the centre of attention and without complaints of his suffering. 

It is for these reasons we want to support a cause which can help others and our father, in this life and the hereafter through pure sadiqa jariya (note this is not zakat eligible). 



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