Solar Well Pakistan

Solar Well Pakistan
Solar Well PakistanSolar Well PakistanSolar Well PakistanSolar Well Pakistan
Donation:  £1,600.00

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Solar Water Well - Pakistan

One water well can change the lives of an entire community, providing clean, fresh clean drinking water within the community.

We use good yet cost effective construction methods to ensure the wells are built to the highest quality and will last a long time.

The wells are tiled to aid  easy cleaning The solar panels and solar pump, enable water to be extracted from deep underground, ranging from 100 feet to 300 feet. Several taps are located at the water tank and further distributions taps are provided around the village.

Package: Solar water well and signage


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How are the wells constructed?

A. A borehole is extracted to reach the water table and lined with plastic pipe. Tanks, tank stand and distribution locations are made of bricks and concrete.


Q. How is water extracted?

A. Solar panels provide power to a solar pump, which extracts water that is pumped to holding tanks. Distribution pipes and taps then supply water to the community.


Q. How deep are the wells.

A. Normally, between 100 to 300 feet deep, depending on the water table in that area.


Q. Are there any maintenance costs?

A. Like any electromechanical device, solar pumps can go wrong as they in constant use. Maintenance is normally required every 1 to 2 years for cleaning and replacing parts.

We do not request maintenance costs up front and utilise general donations are used towards water well maintenance. We would welcome maintenance funds if you are able to donate towards this.


Q. Where are wells built?

A. On community accessible land. We are focussing our solar pumps in the region of Tharparkar, Pakistan, where the average summer temperature is 42c. This area has a 87% poverty level, recorded by a UNDP's report. 75% of women travel an average 3 km per trip, spending 52% of their working hours fetching water (source Reliefweb)


Q. How long does a well take to build?

A. Normally between 6 weeks from donating. Factors that may affect this time are the number of wells in the construction queue ahead of yours and  Ramadan (physical work slows down). We will keep you updated if any delays are encountered.


Q. Can I visit my donated well?

A. Absolutely. Please contact us and we can help arrange a visit to the location.

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