Masjid - Large

Masjid - Large
Masjid - LargeMasjid - LargeMasjid - Large
Masjid - LargeMasjid - Large
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Masjid Construction - Large

A masjid is not just a place for daily prayers. It is used as a school for children to learn the Quran and about Islam. It’s an important meeting place for a community, helping people discuss issues, plan their livelihoods, get married and somewhere to cool off from the heat of the midday sun. A masjid helps people live the life of Islam.

· Large community masjid designed to hold up to 250 people

· Building 12m x 8m, additional 1.5m veranda, and tall minaret

· Tiled for ease of maintenance with floor mats for praying

· Steel windows, with shutters and mosquito nets

· Build duration approx. 4 months

· Signboard with your choice of ‘Donor and Dedicated to Name’, with a possibility to name the masjid



Extras that can be added at any time

- Masjid Speaker system with battery - £400

- Solar system with lighting and fans - £1650

- Carpet - please contact for cost

- donate Lillah for ongoing maintenance

- Toilet Block - Click Here

- Wudu Area - Click Here

- Water well if no water facilities at site - Click Here


Savings Plan
Allah swt has blessed individuals with different levels of wealth. To help ease your collective efforts, you can deposit £2000 initially as your Amanah with us, and then have 6 months to raise the remainder.  A collaboration of families and friends is a wonderful way to raise funds to gain a share in a masjid.

Please contact us at, if you would like to discuss this option.