Eid Al Adha - One Share

Eid Al Adha - One Share
Donation:  £66.00

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Eid Al Adha

Your donation will purchase a one seventh share of a healthy cow.  the meat will be packaged into bags and distributed to those most in need, within the country you have selected.

During Qurbani, a cow has the equivalent of seven parts.

  • If you donating just for yourself, add '1' item to the basket.
  • If you are donating for three people, add '3' items to the basket.
  • If you want to donate a whole cow, add '7' items to the basket.

Livestock costs rise rapidly closer towards Eid day, so we have introduced a cut off date to maintain the advertised cost. If you are intending to donate through Sharing Wonders, please donate early to avoid disappointment. Thank you for your understanding.

Package: One Seventh Part Cow, Distribution


Questions and Answers

What is Qurbani ? The term Qurbani is derived from the Arabic word for sacrifice. In modern times, it refers to the act of sacrificing animals to honour the devotion of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to Allah (SWT), symbolizing his readiness to sacrifice what he held most precious in the name of faith.

Am I required to do Qurbani? As per Islamic tradition, if you are a sane adult Muslim, eligible to pay Zakat, then you are required to offer one Qurbani.

How is my donation spent? Your donation is used to purchase a healthy, well looked after animal, feed and maintain the animal until Eid day, abbatoir costs, packing and distribution to those in need. It's important to recognise that your donation should not be 'diluted' with any other funding to purchase your qurbani share. At Sharing Wonders, we ensure we adhere to this.

When will the Qurbani be completed? InshAllah, we aim to complete all Qurbanis by the second day of Eid Al Adha by midday local time.

Will any pictures be shared? InshAllah, we will publish updates through our social media links.

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