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What is Qurbani ? - As per Islamic tradition, if you are a sane adult Muslim, eligible to pay Zakat, then you are required to offer Qurbani.

What should I donate? There are different type of animals, each with different 'values' of qurbani. A goat counts as one share and will cover one adult. A cow has 7 shares, so you could donate your one share of a cow to fulfil your requirement.

How is my donation spent? Your donation is used to purchase a healthy veterinary certified animal, feed and maintain the animal until Eid day, slaughter costs, packaging and then distribution to those in need. It's important to recognise that your donation should not be diluted with any other funding to purchase your qurbani share. At Sharing Wonders, we ensure we adhere to this.

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Eid Al Adha - Goat

Eid Al Adha - Goat£95.00

Goat Donation

Package: 1 Goat,  Distribution

Eid Al Adha - Cow

Eid Al Adha - Cow£495.00

Eid Al Adha - Whole Cow

Package: 1 Cow, Distribution

Eid Al Adha - One Share

Eid Al Adha - One Share£72.00

Eid Al Adha - One Share

Package: 1 Part Cow, Distribution

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items