Ramadan - Food Pack - Gambia

Ramadan - Food Pack - Gambia
Donation:  £35.00

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Ramadan Food Pack - Gambia

The majority of Gambian families struggle for food throughout the year and there is a constant struggle in trying to feed their children.

This food package provides the important necessities to help feed families during Ramadan.

- A huge 50kg bag of rice, providing essential carbohydrates, whilst cooking oil helps to prepare the rice

- Beans and milk creamer provide protein and sugar

For Ramadan, this package will help fasting families look forward to a basic meal at the start and end of their fasting day.

This is a wonderful way to donate your Zakat and Sadaqah towards helping fasting people.

We strive for transparency helping ensure you know what your donation is purchasing. We will purchase the maximum amount of items for the donation at the time of distribution. 

Please aim to complete your donation before the 1st day of Ramadan, thus giving an opportunity to distribute as many of these packages as possible, at the start of Ramadan.

Package: 50Kg Rice, Cooking Oil, Milk Creamer, Beans

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