Agriculture Donation

Agriculture Donation
Agriculture DonationAgriculture DonationAgriculture Donation
Agriculture DonationAgriculture DonationAgriculture Donation
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Donation:  £5.00
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Fruit Trees

For just £5, you can donate a fruit tree to a agricultural farm. This project helps support local communities become self sustaining.

We've successfully established different agriculture projects and are now growing papayas, oranges, pears, coconuts, cassava, bananas, aubergines and more.

You donation will be utilised in one of two ways. For our own agricultural centres, we employ full time gardeners to maintain crops. These are then sold during the harvest season and the profits go towards the charity's projects. Alternatively, tree saplings are donated to various communities (such as women garden projects) who utilise the crops for maintaining their families.

Package: Tree and transportation